Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls Of the many ways to enjoy American whiskey, these Woodford Reserve bourbon balls rank among the best. These premium boxed chocolates are made from the finest ingredients, including butter, pecans, real cream, and of course, Woodford Reserve Kentucky bourbon. Each gift box contains four pieces of candy, delicately placed in individual wells to keep them looking as great as they taste. Our Woodford Reserve bourbon balls are a great add-on gift for whiskey lovers, perfectly complimenting rocks glasses and decanters. Made in Kentucky. (Bottle of whiskey not included.) Four pieces of premium boxed chocolate made with real Woodford Reserve Kentucky bourbon The perfect add on gift for whiskey glasses and decanters Recipe includes natural pecans, rich chocolate, and real dairy cream Box measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ and arrives in plastic wrap for maximum freshness

Even if the gift seems less expensive in terms of money, in reality a personalized gift has the power to cause immense joy and surprise because what the celebrant least expects is having something that is exclusive and unique to him or her .

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