Timeless Wedding Custom Stemless Wine Glass

Timeless Wedding Custom Stemless Wine Glass

Timeless Wedding Custom Stemless Wine Glass The perfect occasion shouldn ™t be without the perfect glassware. Our custom stemless wine glass pairs great with wine and weddings. The bulb is shaped so that it opens up your favorite red wines, unlocking the aroma and flavor so you can enjoy them like never before. Each custom stemless wine glass can be personalized, making this the perfect gift for bridesmaids, brides, or anyone else in the wedding party. Let them remember the perfect evening with a perfect wine. Each glass measures 4.25  x 4  and can hold up to 20 ounces. Elegant design is loved by wedding parties Memorable gift for bridesmaids, maids-of-honor, or the mother-of-the-bride Customize the name and title Dishwasher safe Measures 4.25  x 4 , holds 20 oz

The most striking thing that has been produced over time, is the change of mentalization of the client towards personalized items for promotional purposes. 1 out of 5 customers would be in favor of paying 25% more for a personalized item, and thereby achieve the satisfaction provided by the exclusivity. Another factor to note is that 55% is aware that being an exclusive item for him, he does not mind waiting longer to obtain it. That translates into store time and more cross-selling possibilities.

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