Timeless Wedding Blackout Beer Growler

Timeless Wedding Blackout Beer Growler

Timeless Wedding Blackout Beer Growler Best friends make the best groomsmen Gift them something they deserve with our Timeless Wedding blackout beer growler. Crafted from stainless steel, it is then covered in a sleek black matte finish and will keep your beer chilled longer than other glass growlers. Engraved with our Timeless Wedding design, they can be custom made to feature the name and title of your choice making them handsome gifts for your best man, groomsmen, or even ushers. With a swing top lid, this steel growler keeps your brews secure and leak free. Blackout beer growler measures 11 x 4 and can hold 64 ounces.BPA free steel growler covered in a black matte finishSwing top lid keeps your beer secureEngraved with the name and title of your choiceGrowler measures 11″ x 4″ and can hold 64 oz

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