The Man The Myth The Legend Custom Pint Glass

The Man The Myth The Legend Custom Pint Glass

The Man The Myth The Legend Custom Pint Glass Some men can not be put into words, he is a legend of sorts. Pay homage to your favorite guy with our The Man The Myth The Legend custom beer glass. Whether it is you, yourself, who can shotgun a beer in 3 seconds flat, your heroic dad, or even your grandpa who is said to have fought a bear back in ’45, you have the choice to engrave whatever you wish on the first line of this custom beer glass. Crafted from sturdy glass, these glasses are almost indestructible, just like the legend. Custom pint glasses measure 6″ tall and can hold the standard pint amount of 16 ounces.Sturdy glass constructionEngraved with the name or title of your choice6″ tall, holds 16 ozDishwasher safe

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