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What’s on Tap Custom Chalkboard Tap Handle

What's on Tap Custom Chalkboard Tap Handle

What’s on Tap Custom Chalkboard Tap Handle Never mix up your brews with our hand-crafted custom Chalkboard Tap Handle! A fun and unique way to display what your bar has on tap or the name of your home pub, this beer tap handle features a chalkboard panel, making it incredibly simple to switch the labeling when you swap out beers. Exclusively ours, these tap handles are handmade one at a time out of genuine maple hardwood, creating a beer tap that feels as high quality as it looks. A perfect gift for home brewers, home bar owners, or any other beer lover, you can add a personal touch by utilizing our single initial engraving option. Measuring 2″ x 1″ x 9″ this beer tap handle fits any standard beer faucet, beer tower, or kegerator and is made of durable, all natural hardwood maple. Let everyone know what’s on the menu with a Easy Mark Chalkboard tap handle.Crafted from all natural woodFeatures chalkboard panel for easy labelingMeasures 2″ x 1″ x 9″Optional single initial engraving

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