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Oakmont Personalized Can Cooler, Sand

Oakmont Personalized Can Cooler

Oakmont Personalized Can Cooler, Sand Once man invented the beer can, he realized there must be a way to keep the drink insulated, while keeping his hand warm and dry. Koozies have come a long way since the beginning, and our Oakmont personalized can cooler is a great example of beer gear evolution. Engraved to order with the name and initial of your choice, each drink koozie is constructed from sand-colored imitation leather, a durable material that will protect your cans and your hands for many years to come. An excellent gift for dads, brothers, golfers, and more. Each personalized can coolers folds flat, making storage and transportation a snap.Personalized with the name and initial of your choiceCrafted from light tan washed leatheretteHolds any standard 12 oz sized can or bottleFine gift for weddings and birthdays

When choosing the best gift for men or for women, more and more people are opting for personalized gifts instead of opting for traditional gifts. And it is that in reality the typical gifts that are always given away are out of fashion and now what is customary are personalized gifts, as these add an additional value that has to do with the feeling, emotion and memories. But they are not all the advantages of personalized gifts, there are still more benefits for both the one who gives and the one who receives.

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