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Glacier Ice Cube Molds, Set of 2

Glacier Ice Cube Molds

Glacier Ice Cube Molds, Set of 2 Scenic, cold, and magnificent, glaciers are a sight to behold. Impress your friends and party guests when you place a colossal ice cube in your drink using our Glacier Size ice cube molds set. Made of silicone and coming as a set of two, this ice cube mold makes perfect, slow melting, super-sized ice cubes. Simply fill the molds, lower the silicone caps, and freeze them for 4-6 hours. The result if an impressive ice cube that adds sophistication and wont quickly dilute your drink. The molds stack neatly in your freezer to conserve space and will not tip. Make an impression with HOW you make your drink cold and crisp with our Glacier ice cube molds.Made of siliconeSet of 2Frozen cubes measure 2.25″ cubedSlow-melting to prevent drink dilution

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