Spec Ops American Heroes Engraved Tumbler Set “ Unique Military Gifts

Spec Ops American Heroes Engraved Tumbler Set  “ Unique Military Gifts

Spec Ops American Heroes Engraved Tumbler Set “ Unique Military Gifts No matter what the situation, a military member is prepared. Thankfully, our engraved tumbler set is one of those unique military gifts that has everything needed for any drink situation. The stainless steel flask is perfect for bring liquor while camping, tailgating, or anywhere you ™d like. The Yeti-style tumbler will ensure your coffee stays warm or your beer stays cold. You can even transport a mixer in the tumbler for the liquor in your flask. The tactical knife is well equipped for any situation. Open the secret compartment in the handle and you ™ll find a compass, sewing kit, matches, fishing line, hook, and split shot weight. With the tumbler and flask engraved with a name, date, and title of your choice and the knife engraved with a line and font of your choice, our set leaves up to being a truly unique military gift. It ™s perfect for anyone that ™s active-duty or retired from service. The tumbler measures 7  x 3  and holds 30 ounces. The flask holds 6 ounces. The tactical knife is 8.5  long with a 4.25  blade. Unique military gifts are a great way to thank them for their service Awesome gift idea for anyone graduating from the academy Engraved name, date, and title included on tumbler and flask Tactical knife engraved with line and font of your choice Tumbler measures 7  x 3 , holds 30 oz. Flask holds 6 oz. Knife is 8.5  long, 4.25  blade

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