Set of 5 Large USA Beer Cap Maps – Gifts for Groomsmen

Set of 5 Large USA Beer Cap Maps - Gifts for Groomsmen

Set of 5 Large USA Beer Cap Maps – Gifts for Groomsmen Are your groomsmen beer lovers? This set of 5 gifts for groomsmen are the coolest beer gifts you can give! These large beer cap maps of the USA are fun and unique pieces of wall decor that display your groomsmen ™s bottle cap collections. You can rest easy knowing that this is a gift they can ™t help but love and will enjoy using. Each map holds 81 bottle caps so that each of your groomsmen can display their favorite local craft or imported beers for all to see. Each map even has pre-drilled holes that are ready to hang as soon as they ™re unwrapped. These unique gifts for groomsmen are also perfect for everyone in the wedding party, such as the ushers and parents of the bride and groom. Each map measures approximately 23.5  x 14.5 . Awesome beer gifts for groomsmen or the whole wedding party Set of 5 large USA beer cap maps Comes ready to hang with pre-drilled holes Holds 81 bottle caps Measures 23.5  x 14.5 

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