Scales of Justice Custom Presentation Set “ Gift for Lawyers

Scales of Justice Custom Presentation Set  “ Gift for Lawyers

Scales of Justice Custom Presentation Set “ Gift for Lawyers No law office is complete without our custom presentation set. This gift for lawyers is designed to look appealing and classy in both a home office and a traditional office setting. The decanter will make any liquor look appealing. The matching rocks glasses are perfect when you need to celebrate winning a big case or just need to unwind after a long work day. Both lines of this gift for lawyers can be engraved so you can personalize it for the lawyer in your life. This is an excellent gift for judges, attorneys, or anyone fresh out of law school. The serving tray measures 12  x 10  x 2.75 . The decanter is 9  tall and holds 24 ounces. Each rocks glass measures 3.5  x 3.25  and holds 10.25 ounces. A gift for lawyers should celebrate the job they love doing Great gift idea for anyone who just passed the Bar exam Two lines of your choice are engraved on the decanter, serving tray, and rocks glasses Set includes serving tray, decanter, and 4 rocks glasses Tray measures 12  x 10  x 2.75 , decanter holds 24 oz, rocks glasses hold 10.25 oz

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