Proud Democrat Personalized Whiskey Glass

Proud Democrat Personalized Whiskey Glass

Proud Democrat Personalized Whiskey Glass You’d have to be as stubborn as a donkey not to like our Proud Democrat personalized whiskey glass. Boasting the well known symbol of the Democratic Party, a donkey, each of these old fashioned whiskey glasses comes engraved with the name of your choice atop the phrase Proud Democrat. Our Buckman style whiskey glass is designed with whiskey drinkers in mind, each made with a round textured base that raises the glass from the bar or desk surface, minimizing condensation rings. Perfect for election-loving fans of politics, or as a gift for anyone who prefers the right side of the aisle. Measuring 3.5″ tall, each dishwasher safe whiskey glass holds 10.25 oz.Made of premium glass with marble-inspired baseMeasures 3.5″ tall with 3.25″ diameter; holds 10.25 ozFeatures the Democratic donkey and the name of your choiceDishwasher safe

When choosing the best gift for men or for women, more and more people are opting for personalized gifts instead of opting for traditional gifts. And it is that in reality the typical gifts that are always given away are out of fashion and now what is customary are personalized gifts, as these add an additional value that has to do with the feeling, emotion and memories. But they are not all the advantages of personalized gifts, there are still more benefits for both the one who gives and the one who receives.

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