Prime Rum and Liquor Tasting Glass

Prime Rum and Liquor Tasting Glass

Prime Rum and Liquor Tasting Glass While we love our cocktails, it is time to cast the additives aside and appreciate fine liquor in its purest form. Whether drinking aromatic gin, sweet rum, or aged whiskey, this tasting glass features a beautiful curved shape that allows aromas to flare out from the lower bowl. The raised rock bottom allows the liquor to swirl to further open the bouquet. The perfect gift for friends and family who enjoy trying new or rare libations, this tasting glass measures 5″ tall and has a base diameter of 3.5″. With a full capacity of 11.2 ounces, it’s designed for tasting 1-2 ounces of your spirits at a time.Crafted from premium glass with a sculpted baseFunctional curvy shape to open up aroma and flavorIdeal for tasting 1-2 inches of rum, scotch, whisky, gin, or any fine liquorMeasures 5″ tall and has a base diameter of 3.5″

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