Police Badge Personalized IPA Glass

Police Badge Personalized IPA Glass

Police Badge Personalized IPA Glass Give the police officer in your life a whole new way to drink his India Pale Ales with this awesome personalized IPA glass. Specially crafted to enhance the flavors and aromas through its unique shape, this glass is the perfect gift for the beer-loving cop. It ™s even personalized with a cool police badge design along with his name, title, and badge number. Once he takes a sip of his favorite IPA from this glass, he won ™t want to drink beer any other way. Every IPA he has after a rough day at work saving lives will be better than ever before. This personalized IPA glass is an awesome gift for police officers for their birthdays, the holidays, promotions, retirement, and more. The glass measures 8  x 2.5  and holds 16 ounces of beer. Unique design drastically improves the taste and smell of IPAs Personalized IPA glass is the best way to enjoy beer Ideal gift for police officers who love IPAs Engraved with his title, name, and badge number Measures 8  x 2.5  and holds 16 ounces

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