Police Badge Engraved 50 Caliber Box Set “ Gift for Police Officers

Police Badge Engraved 50 Caliber Box Set  “ Gift for Police Officers

Police Badge Engraved 50 Caliber Box Set “ Gift for Police Officers Being in law enforcement is a tireless line of work for the brave and the bold. Thankfully, our engraved gift for police officers is a fantastic way to show much they mean to you and your community. Our gift set includes a genuine US military 50 caliber ammo box, two pint glasses, flask, and a 50 caliber bullet bottle opener. They can use the ammo can to store tools, fishing supplies, or whatever they ™d like. The pint glasses will make their favorite beer look and taste great. They can even take the flask with them whenever they go camping or fishing. Our gift for police officers has everything they need to relax whenever they ™re off duty. It ™s a perfect gift for anyone who just retired or is graduating from the academy. This set comes engraved with the title, number, and date of your choice. The bullet bottle opener even comes engraved with a line of your choosing. The ammo box measures 12  x 7.5  x 6 . The pint glasses measure 6  x 3  and hold 16 ounces. The flask holds up to 6 ounces. Cigars not included. Show your thanks for everything law enforcement does for your town Wonderful gift for any kind of law enforcement Engraved with title, number, and name of your choice Gift for police officers includes ammo box, 2 pint glasses, flask, bullet bottle opener Cigars not included Ammo box measures 12  x 7.5  x 6 . Flask holds 6 oz. Pint glasses hold 6 oz each

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