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Pick-A-Letter Beer Cap Holder

Pick-A-Letter Beer Cap Holder

Pick-A-Letter Beer Cap Holder Beer Cap Collection. The mere mention of this phrase is likely to get very different reactions from both husband and wife, but everyone will be wowed by our Pick-a-Letter beer cap holder! Available in all 26 letters of the alphabet, you can show off caps inside your initials, name, or heck, even the word beer! Precision cut in our Oklahoma workshop, each and every letter beer cap holder is made from all natural 1/4″ Birch plywood and comes pre-drilled with mounting holes so you can quickly hang it up and get to drinking. Just insert the bottle caps from your collection into the built in slots and you’ve got an impressive piece of beer cap art that anyone would love. Sizes vary by letter, but all measure approximately 11″ x 13″, holding up to 30 or so bottle caps. How to Pick-A-Letter: Click the box that reads “Letter”, enter the letter of your choice, and click {Add to Cart}.Custom made of handsome 1/4″ Birch plywoodEach letter beer cap holder displays up to about 30 capsComes pre-drilled ready for hanging (use finish nails)Exclusive design, which securely holds your bottle caps in place for display

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