Personalized Tactical Survival Knife

Personalized Tactical Survival Knife

Personalized Tactical Survival Knife One of the most useful survival tools a man can have is a good quality knife, but this is no ordinary knife. This incredible personalized tactical survival knife has tons of cool features and is even It has two different serrated edges, a wide reverse tooth for cutting tougher materials like leather and a finer classic serration. The blade is engraved with one line of text of your choosing. But that ™s not all! This knife has a secret: a hidden storage compartment inside the handle! Inside, there is a neatly packed survival kit with all of the essentials: a sewing kit, three matches, a fishing hook, fishing line, and a split shot to keep your line anchored. If you ever get lost in the woods or want to try roughing it like Bear Grylls, this is the knife for you. The twist-off cap at the end of the handle even has a compass on the inside so that you always know where you ™re going. This awesome tactical survival knife is ideal for men who like to go camping, hiking, hunting, and boating. The entire knife is 8.5  long and the blade itself is 4.25  long. Awesome tactical survival blade with survival kit Engraved with one line of your choice of text Survival kit includes sewing kit, matches, fishing line and hook, split shot weight Compass on the reverse side of the twist-off cap Perfect gift for men who love the outdoors Knife is 8.5  long, blade alone is 4.25 

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