Personalized 30 Caliber Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized 30 Caliber Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized 30 Caliber Ammo Can Gift Set Sometimes all a man needs in life is a pint glass for a cold beer, a bottle opener to make sure the glass is never empty, a knife to use any occasion, and a cool looking way to store and carry whatever else he needs. This personalized ammo can gift set takes care of all of that with style. The pint glasses come in a pair so he can share one with anyone he pleases. The knife is razor-sharp so it will never let him down. The 50-caliber bullet bottle is crafted from rounds fired by the U.S. military and has an option of being engraved. The ammo can already includes 3 lines of custom engraving and your choice from several stylish fonts that also go on the pint glasses. The ammo can is a cool gift for dads, groomsmen, or for the holidays. Every ammo can measures 4  x 7  x 10 . Each pint glass measures 7.25  x 3.5  and can hold up to 16 ounces of someone ™s favorite beer. This ammo can gift set works great for someone who ™s deploying or returning home Included gift set is loved by brothers, best men, or anyone who needs a cool way to enjoy a beer 3 lines of included personalized text and your choice of font create a wholly unique gift Optional engraving available on bottle opener 30 Caliber Ammo can includes two pint glasses, lockback knife, and bullet bottle opener Ammo can measures 4  x 7  x 10 . Pint glasses measure 7.25  x 3.5 , holds 16 oz

Along with the wide variety of personalized gifts available, it must also be said that these types of gifts also have the advantage that they are usually more affordable and in most cases are much more appreciated by the people who receive them. With a traditional gift, the person is not really surprised so much compared to a personalized gift in which you can include your name, some thought or phrase, as well as something that makes you remember some special moment of great sentimental value.

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