Old Fashioned Wine Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Old Fashioned Wine Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Old Fashioned Wine Barrel Wine Cork Holder Break out the bottles and get to pouring! It may take you a while but by the time you fill this map with corks you will have had some pretty good wine and even more good times. If your wife loves wine, our Old Fashioned Wine Barrel wine cork holders are the ideal anniversary gift for her. Savor every excellent bottle you drink and then keep a piece of the good times forever. On top of that, it’s an attractive design that guests will love seeing in your theater, home bar, or kitchen. Add optional walnut stain to make it fit even better in any room.Tastefully displays all of your favorite wine corksMade of 1/4″ thick birch woodMeasures 22″ x 16″Perfect gift for wine lovers

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