Official Moderator Custom Wine Glass

Official Moderator Custom Wine Glass

Official Moderator Custom Wine Glass If you would rather indulge in a glass of wine than the fuss going on over which presidential hopefuls are the best suited candidates, then grab our Official Moderator custom wine glass! Perfect for someone who would rather play ref instead of being involved in the heated debates, these large wine glasses are custom made to feature the name of your choice. Crafted from durable glass they can hold an entire 750 ml bottle of your favorite wines. An amusing gift for family and friends, this custom wine glass measures 9″ tall with a 4″ diameter, and is dishwasher safe.This giant wine glass holds an entire 750ml bottle of wineDishwasher safeEngraved with the name of your choiceWine glass measures 9″ tall with a 4″ diameter

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