Oakmont Personalized Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Oakmont Personalized Wine Glasses

Oakmont Personalized Wine Glasses, Set of 4 It’s hard to think that the taste of wine could get any better until you take a sip out of one of these handsome personalized glasses. Coming in a set of 4, these sophisticated stemmed wine glasses are crafted from delicate yet durable premium glass and engraved with our popular Oakmont design. Featuring the name and initial of your choosing, this collection is the perfect set for newlyweds, hostesses, or any wine lover. Each wine glass can hold an impressive 19 ounces and stands 10 inches tall.Engraved with our Oakmont design that features the name and initial of your choiceSet of four stemmed wine glassesEach wine glass stands 10 inches tallWine glasses hold up to 19 ounces

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