Oakmont Personalized Poker Set

Oakmont Personalized Poker Set

Oakmont Personalized Poker Set Impress your friends and family with our personalized poker set. Don ™t dig around for a pack of cards in a random drawer. When you drop this on the table be prepared to have the upper hand on your poker buddies. Our personalized poker set includes two card packs, 5 dice, and 4 sets of different colored poker chips. You ™ll be set to play Texas Hold ˜Em, blackjack, or whatever your game is all night. It even comes engraved with the initial and name of your choice, so everyone knows who the real card shark in the room is. It ™s an awesome gift for dads, husbands, or any avid poker player. Each set measures 9″ x 8″ x 2.25″. You can ™t be a card shark without a personalized poker set Cool gift for boyfriends, brothers, or your best friend Quality engraved name and initial of your choice are included Set includes 2 packs of cards, 5 dice, & 4 sets of different colored poker chips Poker set measures 9″ x 8″ x 2.25″

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