Oakmont Engraved Glass Beer Mugs 15 oz, Set of 4

Oakmont Engraved Glass Beer Mugs 15 oz

Oakmont Engraved Glass Beer Mugs 15 oz, Set of 4 Now you can take a full set of engraved glass beer mugs to the table, without breaking your back! Small beer mugs compared to our 25 ounce model, these gems hold 15 ounces, just under a pint. The perfect choice for stronger craft beers served in more conservative portions. Constructed with our best-selling starburst base, these Brewmaster style engraved glass beer mugs feature the name and initial of your choice. Arriving with four pieces, this beer gift set is a value-priced option, suitable for weddings, housewarmings, and graduations. Each unique mug measures 5.5 inches tall with a 3 inch diameter; fully dishwasher safe.Made of glass with sturdy handle and detailed basePersonalized with initial and name of your choiceEach glass beer mug measures 5.5″ x 3″ & holds 15 oz.Dishwasher safe

Usefulness of the personalized article: taking into account that what is sought is to create and position brand image, it is important that the personalized article is as useful as possible. In this way, its repeated use is achieved and incredible visibility in the environment will be achieved. On the other hand, we must assess the visibility that this personalized detail will have when it is in use, that is, the visibility does not achieve the same use of a toothbrush with the logo as that of an umbrella with the slogan.

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