Oakmont Custom Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set

Oakmont Custom Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set

Oakmont Custom Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set Whether it’s a congratulations or a good luck, commemorate your next special event with a beautiful keepsake. This handsome personalized set comes with one of our gorgeous Argos decanters and four of our square-base Rutherford whiskey glasses. All of your items will arrive elegantly placed in our handcrafted maple wood gift box that is stained a dark-walnut color. All glassware, as well as the wooden box, come engraved with our refined Oakmont personalization and include the name and initial of your choice. Our exquisite Argos decanter is crafted from quality glass and can hold 23 ounces. The elegant whiskey glasses are also crafted from premium glass and feature a thick, weighted glass base. Our handsome handmade gift box measures 13 x 11.5 x 5.5.Contents include 1 Argos decanter and 4 Rutherford whiskey glassesEngraved with our Oakmont design, includes the name and initial of your choiceThe perfect keepsake for any special occasionHandsome handmade walnut-stained maple gift box

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