Oakmont Ceramic Beer Stein

Oakmont Ceramic Beer Stein

Oakmont Ceramic Beer Stein Now you can drink beer as your German ancestors did with this traditional ceramic beer stein! Inspired by the original 14th century steins, this classic style is even still used today in Germany! Comes personalized with a name and initial. It ™s ideal for serving all kinds of beers from dark wheats to pale lagers and will keep any beer colder than in a normal glass thanks to the insulated and naturally cool ceramic. This would make a really awesome gift for the beer lover in your life for a birthday or Christmas. Ceramic beer stein measures 4.75  x 5  x 3.5  and holds 14.5 ounces. Genuine ceramic beer stein Inspired by traditional steins that are still used today in Germany Personalized with a name and initial Ideal gift for any beer lover Measures 4.75  x 5  x 3.5  and holds 14.5 ounces

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