Oakhill 50-Caliber Custom Ammo Box Gift Set

Oakhill 50-Caliber Custom Ammo Box Gift Set

Oakhill 50-Caliber Custom Ammo Box Gift Set Don ™t stuff a gift card into an envelope and call it a decent present. Our custom ammo box is a jaw-dropping gift idea for any guy. Your man will love having an authentic U.S. military ammo can used by the Army. It even comes with the government stamp, bullet measurement, and lot numbers. He ™ll store whatever he wants inside, but not before he opens it up and sees a Zippo-style lighter, black cigar cutter, two rocks glasses, and 9 whiskey stones. He ™ll relish finally being able to enjoy his spirits as they were meant to be. The whiskey stones are just what he needs to elevate his liquor. Our custom ammo box and rocks glasses even come engraved with an initial, first name, and last name of your choosing. Any father, brother, or boyfriend would love to get this set as a gift. The ammo can measures 12  x 7.5  x 6 . The rocks glasses measure 3.5  x 3.25  and hold up to 10.25 ounces. A great man deserves a great gift, no matter the occasion Our custom ammo box is ideal for birthdays or holidays Includes initial, first name, and last name of your choice engraved Set includes 50-caliber ammo can, 2 rocks glasses, 9 whiskey stones, cigar cutter, & Zippo-style lighter Ammo can measures 12  x 7.5  x 6 . Rocks glasses hold 10.25 oz

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