Monogrammed Pilsner Beer Glasses, Set of 4

Monogrammed Pilsner Beer Glasses

Monogrammed Pilsner Beer Glasses, Set of 4 These tall personalized pilsner glasses are the perfect, traditionally-designed solution to a long day. Also called Weizenbier or Wheat Beer Glasses, they hold a plentiful 23oz. These beer glasses are crafted from glass and feature that appreciated, oft-seen tapered design which allows for ample head and your beer to be showcased as you drink it. Certain to call attention to your delicious ale and its flourishing carbonation, our pilsner glasses measure a healthy 9″ tall and are ideal for your Proust! Monogrammed pilsner glasses, set of 4, arrive gift boxed. Includes monogram personalization.Pilsner glasses feature tapered design perfect for pale lagersIncludes monogram personalizationCrafted from glass; set of four pilsner glassesMeasures 9″ tall; holds 23oz

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