Marquee Fitzgerald Custom Leather Flask

Marquee Fitzgerald Custom Leather Flask

Marquee Fitzgerald Custom Leather Flask The bars aren ™t always open when you or your friends need a drink. No one should have to suffer through that. Fortunately, our Marquee Fitzgerald custom leather flask is the perfect gift to make sure you and your friends can keep the fun going throughout the day. With an engraved name, year, initials, and title this flask is also an awesome gift for your best friend, brother, or anyone that likes to sneak a sip of their favorite liquor. The classic leather wrap ensures no liquor will spoil after sitting inside a pocket all day. Each of our custom flasks measures 4  x 0.75  x 4.5  and can hold 6 ounces of your favorite spirit. Marque Fitzgerald custom leather flask design makes this a cool, unique gift Awesome gift for holidays, birthdays, or any occasion Includes engraving of the name, initial, year, and title Add the premium gift box and funnel for an unforgettable gift Measures 4  x 0.75  x 4.5 , holds 6 oz

Some studies show that we do not always know how to exploit our experience by receiving, to be right when choosing a present. If one really intends to be involved in offering an emotional, thoughtful and well-chosen gift, the benefits will be much greater for the person who makes the gift than for the one who receives it. In a certain way, it pretends to unconsciously capture a part of itself in the chosen or created object. In addition, biologically, certain areas of well-being are activated in our brain in the act of exchanging and even the brain benefits are greater when we give than when we receive.

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