Marquee Custom Vodka Decanter Set with Rocks Glasses

Marquee Custom Vodka Decanter Set with Rocks Glasses

Marquee Custom Vodka Decanter Set with Rocks Glasses Vodka is the most versatile of all the spirits. It should always be at the ready in an expertly crafted vodka decanter set. It will look enticing in any home bar, man cave, or bar cart. The two rocks glasses are the perfect size for enjoying your vodka straight or with your favorite mixer. The matching custom engraving of a name, year, initial, and phrase of your choice make this a vodka decanter set like no other. It ™s an awesome gift for husbands, college graduations, or stock the bar parties. The vodka decanter measures 10.75  x 5  and holds 23 ounces. Each rocks glass measures 4.5  x 3  and holds up to 10 ounces. A vodka decanter set is the best way to enjoy vodka, no matter how you drink it Cool gift for boyfriends, dads, or anyone with a home bar Includes a quality engraved name, year, initials, and phrase of your choice Vodka decanter set includes decanter and two rocks glasses Decanter measures 10.75  x 5 , holds 23 oz. Rocks glass measures 4.5  x 3 , holds 10 oz

Along with the wide variety of personalized gifts available, it must also be said that these types of gifts also have the advantage that they are usually more affordable and in most cases are much more appreciated by the people who receive them. With a traditional gift, the person is not really surprised so much compared to a personalized gift in which you can include your name, some thought or phrase, as well as something that makes you remember some special moment of great sentimental value.

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