» Lone Star Bar Custom Wooden Sign (Signature Series)

Lone Star Bar Custom Wooden Sign (Signature Series)

Lone Star Bar Custom Wooden Sign (Signature Series)

Lone Star Bar Custom Wooden Sign (Signature Series) Guests to your home will be given a world-class welcome by our impressive Lone Star Bar custom wooden sign. Made to order by skilled craftsmen, these personalized bar signs are engraved with the name, year, and location of your choice. A surefire way to make your hometown pride the star! Tooled from 1/2″ thick pressed birch wood, every sign is stained by hand and then engraved with your text and an iconic star design. This Signature Series custom wooden sign has a diameter of 15.5″ inches and makes a beautiful gift for occasion. Every one of our Signature Series signs is tooled from sustainable wood, making each piece unique. Naturally occurring differences in birch trees bring about variations in color and texture. You will see a variety of wood grain with each finished sign.Crafted from beautiful 1/2″ thick pressed birch wood, 15 1/2″ diameterStained by hand and made in AmericaFirst rate gift for proud home entertainersIncludes pin holes for easy mounting with finishing nails

Along with the wide variety of personalized gifts available, it must also be said that these types of gifts also have the advantage that they are usually more affordable and in most cases are much more appreciated by the people who receive them. With a traditional gift, the person is not really surprised so much compared to a personalized gift in which you can include your name, some thought or phrase, as well as something that makes you remember some special moment of great sentimental value.

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