HOST FREEZE Cooling Pint Glass

HOST FREEZE Cooling Pint Glass

HOST FREEZE Cooling Pint Glass What’s worse than warm beer, you ask? Maybe a thousand paper cuts, or maybe a visit from the in-laws. While we cant eliminate those other fears, youll never have to worry about your beer losing its chill again with this incredibly functional beer glass. Made from BPA-free reusable plastic, these beer glasses are highly durable, and feature silicon grippers for easy handling. Encased in the glass is a freezer gel, that is capable of keeping your favorite brew cold for hours. Packaged with a useful quick-reference guide, you’ll know the ideal temperatures for different beer variations, and whether to chill your pint glass in the refrigerator or freezer. After only two hours in the fridge or freezer you’ll forget how you ever drank beer without it! Our HOST Freeze Cooling Pint Glass is hand wash only.Cooling gel encased within BPA free plasticInsulated silicon gripHolds 16 ozHand wash only

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