Hansen Personalized Gold Wine Stopper

Hansen Personalized Gold Wine Stopper

Hansen Personalized Gold Wine Stopper Bring one of the best bar accessories on the planet to your next dinner party with our Hansen personalized gold wine stopper. Made from solid stainless steel and polished to an almost mirror finish, these engraved bottle stoppers feature the single initial of your choice. A matte black silicone base is a perfect compliment to the gold tone slanted crown for a look that’s both contemporary and timeless. Each gold wine stopper measures 2.75″ with a 1″ diameter at the top, and fits standard sized wine and liquor bottles. These decorative wine stoppers are the perfect companion to any gift of wine or spirits.Includes matte black silicone base and gold-tone crownPrice includes the engraving of a single initial on the topMeasures 2.75″ x 1″ x 1″Fits most wine bottles

Along with the wide variety of personalized gifts available, it must also be said that these types of gifts also have the advantage that they are usually more affordable and in most cases are much more appreciated by the people who receive them. With a traditional gift, the person is not really surprised so much compared to a personalized gift in which you can include your name, some thought or phrase, as well as something that makes you remember some special moment of great sentimental value.

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