Fueled by Fire Beer Growler for Firefighters

Fueled by Fire Beer Growler for Firefighters

Fueled by Fire Beer Growler for Firefighters Firemen need a big container to quench their thirst after a hard and most likely hot day. With clear glass and a resealable cap, this Fueled by Fire beer growler is the perfect container to keep beer fresh. These containers are great graduation gifts for fire academy students or retirement gifts for veterans of the department. Beer growlers are perfect for taking beer along for the camping trip as well as bottling your own home brew. Each of these measures 10.5″ tall with a 3″ diameter, is made from heavy-duty glass, and keeps 64 ounces of beer fresh until you are ready to serve.Made of durable clear glassFeatures a screw-on capHolds 64 ouncesMeasures 10″ tall x 5″ wide

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