French Riviera 5-Piece Wine Experience Decanter Set

French Riviera 5-Piece Wine Experience Decanter Set

French Riviera 5-Piece Wine Experience Decanter Set A $120 value, this wine experience set has everything you need to properly experience your wine. The 5 piece set includes a beautiful glass decanter, glass decanter stopper, drying stand, cleaning beads, and decanter funnel. Everything you need to properly pour your wine, let it breathe, seal it for later use, and then clean your decanter so you can do it all over again is included in this extraordinary wine experience set. Celebrate your wine to its fullest with our French Riviera Wine Decanter Set. Featuring a classic curved glass decanter, handsome glass ball stopper, decanter cleaning beads for an easy and fun way to keep your decanter clean, and a splay funnel for perfectly aerated wine, this is a must have for all wine lovers. Arriving gift boxed and measuring 13″ x 11″ x 10″, our wine decanter set is the perfect gift or accessory for your own home. Holds 54oz.5 Piece Set: Beatiful Glass Decanter, Glass Decanter Stopper, Cleaning Beads, Decanter Funnel, Drying StandProper wine drinking is something to be cherished for the experienceMakes for a wine drinking ritual that makes each glass of wine more than just a glass of wineMeasuring 13″ x 11″ x 10″,

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