Flexible Solar Powered Stainless Steel Grill Light

Flexible Solar Powered Stainless Steel Grill Light

Flexible Solar Powered Stainless Steel Grill Light Actually see what you are cooking with our brilliant white light LED flexible grill light. This upscale stainless steel grill light easily clamps to almost any surface, looks great, has a 18 flexible neck, features four powerful LED bulbs that last up to 500,000 hours so they never need replacing. No replacement batteries are needed, because it’s powered by solar energy. These grilling lights can shine up to 4 hours continuously on a full charge. It’s tested for outdoor and salt-spray durability. Did we mention, no cords! Clamp mouth expands up to 1.See what you are grilling with solar power!Clamp mouth expands to 1″Made with stainless steel; long lasting LED lights18″ tall; batteries included

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