Fire & Rescue Crested Liquor Decanter

Fire & Rescue Crested Liquor Decanter

Fire & Rescue Crested Liquor Decanter This clear glass liquor decanter is one of the finest gifts you can give a member of any Fire & Rescue team. Firefighters and other emergency medical service members work long hours and deserve only the best when they get the chance to relax. Our superb whiskey decanters feature a finely crafted metal crest on the front, emblazoned with the timeless symbol of a maltese cross. Ready to serve & protect your favorite scotch, bourbon, or any fine spirits, the meticulously crafted stopper holds onto your favorite drink until all is clear for a little down time.This clear glass liquor decanter makes a handsome gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, or any special occasion. Made with our Argos style whiskey decanters, they measure 10.75″ tall, and 5″ wide. Made from superior materials, hand washing is highly suggested.Made of high-quality glass with protective, sealing stopperEmblazoned with a patriotic, circular metal crestA stellar gift for graduates, retirees, and those currently servingMeasures 10.75″ x 5″ x 3″ holding 23 oz.

The most striking thing that has been produced over time, is the change of mentalization of the client towards personalized items for promotional purposes. 1 out of 5 customers would be in favor of paying 25% more for a personalized item, and thereby achieve the satisfaction provided by the exclusivity. Another factor to note is that 55% is aware that being an exclusive item for him, he does not mind waiting longer to obtain it. That translates into store time and more cross-selling possibilities.

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