Engraved Taste of Whiskey Gift Set for Whiskey Lovers

Engraved Taste of Whiskey Gift Set for Whiskey Lovers

Engraved Taste of Whiskey Gift Set for Whiskey Lovers With an impossibly stylish personalized wood box, this gift for whiskey lovers only gets better on the side. Any whiskey lover will be thrilled seeing an ageless stainless-steel hip flask, a personalized whiskey glass, and beautifully crafted whiskey stones. The whiskey stones are perfect for chilling whiskey, bourbon, and scotch for the whiskey lover that doesn ™t want their spirits diluted. The wood box can be used to store watches, mementos from travel, or whatever else they would like. Whether it ™s Father ™s Day, birthdays, or the holidays, this gift set is sure to excite any whiskey lover. This gift for whiskey lovers is perfect for those on the go or for those who like to enjoy a drink in their favorite chair at home. Alcohol not included. Includes wood box, whiskey glass, flask, and whiskey stones Wonderful gift for whiskey lovers Personalize the box and glass with name, message, and date of your choice Great gift for birthdays, weddings, and holidays Alcohol not included

The most striking thing that has been produced over time, is the change of mentalization of the client towards personalized items for promotional purposes. 1 out of 5 customers would be in favor of paying 25% more for a personalized item, and thereby achieve the satisfaction provided by the exclusivity. Another factor to note is that 55% is aware that being an exclusive item for him, he does not mind waiting longer to obtain it. That translates into store time and more cross-selling possibilities.

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