Elegance Etched Wine Glass

Elegance Etched Wine Glass

Elegance Etched Wine Glass You ™ll always remember your first bottle of wine. Now you can make all the rest just as memorable with our Elegance etched wine glass. With a slender stem and expertly shaped bowl, our etched wine glass enhances the flavors and aromas in all types of wine. Included is a beautifully engraved name of your choice. You can add a premium wine glass to your own collection or gift it for someone ™s birthday, holidays, or a special occasion that calls for a special glass. Every etched wine glass is 10.25  x 3.75  and can hold up to 25 ounces of wine. Perfectly shaped to enhance flavor and aromas Etched wine glass is a perfect gift for holidays, anniversaries, or any occasion Includes an elegantly engraved name Dishwasher safe Measures 10.25  x 3.75 , holds 25 oz

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