Drink Up Beer Cap Map

Drink Up Beer Cap Map

Drink Up Beer Cap Map Sometimes you just have to spell out what you like, and sometimes what you like most is beer. Grab and harness your love for a cold brew with these creative wood beer cap maps. For those beer lovers who have a million bottle caps and nowhere to put them, now they can be transformed into unique beer cap art and will look great in any space. Crafted from all natural 1/4″ cut birch plywood, and is laser cut in our own Oklahoma City location. These beer cap maps make a great gift for college students, frequent craft beer drinkers, or anyone looking for a fun way to display their collection of bottle caps. With the option to add a dark-walnut stain, it can fit in with any style or space. Drink Up beer cap map measures 23.5″ x 11.26″.Crafted from 1/4″ Birch plywoodBeer cap map measures 23.5″ x 11.26″Fun way to display your beer bottle capsComes complete with pre-drilled holes

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