Dont Ask! Measuring Wine Glass

Dont Ask! Measuring Wine Glass

Dont Ask! Measuring Wine Glass Let’s admit it, some days you just wish people would know you’ve had a bad day without having to say a word. Well with our new Dont Ask! Measuring wine glass, everyone will be able to tell exactly how your day was by how much wine you’re drinking! This funny wine glass has three lines; the first indicating a good day, the second goes mid wine glass and is for a bad day, and at 3/4 full you have had a no good day and don’t want anyone asking. Holding over 12 oz and measuring 8″ x 3.5″ this glass has plenty of room for you to loosen up after that hard day at work! Fill it up and just take a sip whenever someone asks How was your day? with our Dont Ask! Measuring wine glass.Glass measures 8″ x 3.5″Holds over 12 ozHand washing recommendedHilarious lines indicating how your day was

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