Classic Monogram Roller Rock Glass

Classic Monogram Roller Rock Glass

Classic Monogram Roller Rock Glass Who said you can’t have it all? When it comes to whiskey, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style or taste. This custom tumbler has everything you need for a premium drinking experience! Including a round ice mold, and a unique raised base in the whiskey glass itself, the ice ball can then be efficiently swirled within the glass to cool your beverage without watering down. Due to its large size, the ice melts much slower than normal ice cubes and allows more time for you to enjoy your whiskey without dilution. Personalized with the classic monogram of your choice, this rocks glass makes a wonderful gift for all whiskey loving gents. Rocks Glass measures 4″ tall and holds 8 oz. Includes one ice mold that makes 2 ice balls.Comes customized with the monogram of your choiceSlow melting ice ball discourages dilutionOne ice mold that makes 2 ice ballsGlass measures 4″ tall and holds 8 oz

It is not perceived as advertising: The fact of being a gift makes the client or future customer perceive in a positive way the interaction with the brand. Hence, the importance of the gift having quality, being useful and transmitting a positive message from the company. But above all, if you endeavor to manufacture an original and unique object, it will be when you conquer the user.

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