Classic Monogram Pint Glasses, Set of 4

Classic Monogram Pint Glasses

Classic Monogram Pint Glasses, Set of 4 Keep the tradition of the pint alive, and gather your friends for a classic after work pick me up. With our set of four classic monogram pint glasses, you can enjoy a frothy cold one with all of your buds. Featuring a classic monogram with the initials of your choice, this beer glass set is a time-honored must-have for your home bar. Also perfect for housewarming parties, newlyweds, or no-fuss beer lovers, these pint glasses are made of durable, quality glass and will last you year after beer. These glasses measure 6″ tall and can hold 16 oz.Crafted from durable glassIncludes classic monogram personalizationSet of fourMeasures 6″ tall and holds 16 oz.

Usefulness of the personalized article: taking into account that what is sought is to create and position brand image, it is important that the personalized article is as useful as possible. In this way, its repeated use is achieved and incredible visibility in the environment will be achieved. On the other hand, we must assess the visibility that this personalized detail will have when it is in use, that is, the visibility does not achieve the same use of a toothbrush with the logo as that of an umbrella with the slogan.

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