Classic Monogram Blackout Unique Cocktail Glasses

Classic Monogram Blackout Unique Cocktail Glasses

Classic Monogram Blackout Unique Cocktail Glasses TITLE Classic Monogram Blackout Unique Cocktail Glasses DESCRIPTION Don ™t settle for subpar glassware with your favorite mixed drinks. Our monogrammed blackout glasses are unique cocktail glasses that will upgrade any drink in your home. The clever stainless steel design helps keep the drinks cool for hours, so you can taste perfection with every sip. Both glasses come with a monogram of your choice. They ™re great gifts for graduations, housewarmings, or any occasion where a cocktail is needed. Each of our unique cocktail glasses measures 5  x 3.5  and holds up to 16 ounces. Use unique cocktail glasses for all your mixed drinks Awesome gift for birthdays or holidays Expertly engraved monogram of your choice included Keeps drink cool for hours Stainless steel glasses measure 5  x 3.5 , hold 16 oz

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