Casablanca Cocktail Coupe Glass

Casablanca Cocktail Coupe Glass

Casablanca Cocktail Coupe Glass Before the party gets roaring, it’s important to equip your bar with impeccable drinkware, such as our Casablanca cocktail coupe glass. Fabricated from beautiful clear glass, each sip will leave your guest with a feeling of sophistication. Serving up to 8.5 ounces of mixed drink or sparkling wine, this finely crafted coupe cocktail glass is ideal for old favorites, such as Manhattans, or new recipes, such as the Fountain of Youth. With a handsome coupe glass, any cocktail you shake up with have an eye-catching presentation. This cocktail saucer stands almost 6″ tall, with a diameter of 4″. Hand washing is suggested.Crafted from premium glassPerfect for artisan cocktails or champagneHolds 8.5 ounces of your preferred spiritsStands approximately 6″ tall and have a diameter of 4″

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