Carraway Personalized Square Whiskey Glass

Carraway Personalized Square Whiskey Glass

Carraway Personalized Square Whiskey Glass Whiskey is best enjoyed in the proper glassware, which is where our personalized square whiskey glass comes in. The unique square shape of the base is easier to hold than a typical rounded glass while retaining the classic rounded rim of an Old Fashioned glass. Our unique glass comes personalized with a name, initial, and phrase of your choosing to turn it into a one-of-a-kind gift for any whiskey drinker. A couple of these glasses would make great Christmas gifts for the family, a birthday gift for your scotch-loving husband, or matching gifts for your groomsmen. You can use the square whiskey glass for straight whiskey, a mixed drink, or even a frozen cocktail. It is dishwasher safe and measures 3.5  x 3.25  with a 10 ounces capacity. A unique square whiskey glass for your evening drinks or cocktails Personalized with an initial, name, and phrase Makes a great birthday, holiday, or groomsman gift for any whiskey fan Dishwasher safe Measures 3.5  x 3.25  and holds 10 ounces

Even if the gift seems less expensive in terms of money, in reality a personalized gift has the power to cause immense joy and surprise because what the celebrant least expects is having something that is exclusive and unique to him or her .

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