Caldwell Personalized Wood Sign for Home

Caldwell Personalized Wood Sign for Home

Caldwell Personalized Wood Sign for Home Gift the look of your home a new direction with our Caldwell personalized wood signs for home. Custom made to order in the USA from beautiful, richly grained birch. These personalized signs are right at home on any wall or above any doorway. Each piece of wooden wall decor comes engraved with the first names and last name of your choice, tied together by beautiful ampersand artwork. These personalized wood signs for home are cut in the shape of a simple & elegant right-pointing arrow, directing your friends and family to the best place to enjoy time together. Measures 22″ x 6″ with pre-drilled holes made for easy mounting.Made of beautiful 1/2″ thick pressed birch woodHand stained dark walnut finish with laser cut edgesPerfect to display in any room of the houseArrow-shaped, measuring 22″ x 6″ with pre-drilled nail holes

It is therefore a matter of manufacturing a unique object, customized to your needs to surprise your customers, users and consumers, who will be very welcome to receive a different, surprising and unexpected gift.

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