Better Together Whiskey Glass Set, Set of 4

Better Together Whiskey Glass Set

Better Together Whiskey Glass Set, Set of 4 Saying I do to your significant is easy, deciding which glassware to bring into your new home, not so much. Add a personalized touch that you and your loved one can cherish with these beautiful Better Together whiskey glass set. Each Eastham styled rocks glass comes engraved with the two names and date of your choice allowing you to relive your big day again and again. Crafted from high quality glass, this beautiful set is built to last. Each personalized whiskey glass measures 4″ x 3.25″ and holds 13.25 oz.Set of 4 engraved Eastham styled whiskey glassesPersonalized with the two names and date of your choiceDishwasher safeWhiskey glass Measures 4″ tall with 3.25″ diameter; holds 13.25 oz

Several essays, (for our part totally unfortunate) ensure that although it may seem somewhat frowned upon, most people appreciate more a gift if this has been explicitly requested and manifested in advance than if it is a surprise. But this can only be applied to a current society trapped in boredom and that ‘lives prey to consumerism and neophilia’. as Borges points out. This makes us automata and has really lost the magic of the gift, creativity and surprise. GIVE At Par-Ol? Style, we believe in that magic. We believe in “that creativity, in the art of expressing and feeling the emotions that arise from the unexpected and the surprise”. Something innovative, unique, just for you. A gift made with the heart. We opted to make the act of ‘giving away’ a whole message of love towards the ‘other’ which at the same time feeds back beneficially for both. So, if an important date is approaching for someone you appreciate or you simply want and you have decided to participate in this great altruistic and magical act, whether for someone or for yourself, here we leave you with several ideas and creative, artistic suggestions and originals that you can be part of and choose from.

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